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Tech Сluster – the group of software experts and digital companies, which are united to deliver technical knowledge and industry expertise for you. Our goal is to carefully match IT teams, technologies, and solutions with your business needs.

Today, business is interested in software that meets the needs of a specific business niche and can be used in different channels of interaction with the client and on different devices. Modern teams of IT specialists think globally, create a technological stack of interconnected programs that comprehensively solve the problems of the client’s business.

What business needs from IT companies nowadays

  • integrated thinking and understanding of the client’s business, the creation of a complete software infrastructure;
  • fast software development;
  • automation of development processes;
  • unified development approaches that reduce errors;
  • scrum teams that consist of different specialists who can look at solving problems from different points of view.

By combining teams into a single Tech Cluster, we can quickly and accurately solve the problems of modern business.

Our group consists of companies that specialize in different technologies, software, it allows to solve the client’s problem in a comprehensive manner, to provide a full-stack service.

We select only proven teams with different expertise to our cluster to serve customers at the same level. You will always be sure of the quality of the services provided, no matter which team you choose for your project.

Our Mission

  • accelerate IT Development for business with a better-organized network of software and digital companies;
  • provide well-prepared solutions for specific industries with well-established development processes;
  • train the client, help him solve his task or problem in the most optimal way.

Our Benefits

  • In the short term, you get a full-stack team, packed up from different companies, instead of wasting time searching for performers.
  • Work processes are standardized for each team within the Tech Cluster.
  • We select the solution and expertise specifically for your business.

Our project onboarding workflow

  1. We receive a request from you, analyze your task/problem.
  2. We offer possible solutions and consult you.
  3. Together we choose a model of cooperation.
  4. We create a working group that best meets your criteria, which will work on your project.

Our Information Ecosystem

  • News – latest news from the world of information technology.
  • Software – the software directory.
  • Solutions –  the directory of ready-made software solutions.
  • Services – the Tech Cluster services directory.
  • Resources –  knowledge base.
  • Industries – the list of business industries.
  • Vendors – the list of cluster companies, their services.