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Managed Services


You need this when:

  • you are tired to receive bug reports from users
  • you need daily improvements within needed for
    business timelines
  • your ads campaigns are not achieving their goals
  • you don’t have time for planning of new features and
    what to receive advice from experts
  • you need a trusted partner who will take care of your
    online stores like his own

Support, Improvements, Marketing, Optimization and more.

We can imagine how much time and effort you have spent
running your online store. You are thinking about your
business day and night, but you would like to focus only
on key aspects of your business.

You want to simplify and speed up development to outrun
your competitors.

As a team of eCommerce Developers that works with
Magento, we are well aware of your needs and therefore
will take care of your store like our own. Our main task is
to find bugs and problems before your client sees them.


Monitoring of server’s work and performance of Magento platform and databases.

We make snapshots of your frontend and automatically track even the smallest bugs in styles. For example, if your manager accidentally changes the font in the text, we will receive a notification in the systems for urgent response.

We constantly monitor the status of your positions, send you reports and recommendations need to be improved to increase your rating.

Online system updates and testing after the update.

Quick installation of security patches.

Real-time recovery of the site in case of failures

Real-time bug fixing before your user noticed an error on the site.

Services to grow and be protected

We are interested in developing your website and increasing your sales. We grade ourselves by your success.
All our work is divided  into two categories: Support Operations and Changes & Improvements.
A part of the team monitors daily the work of your
store and implements operational changes if a problem occurs, another part of the team plans new improvements and works on new features.


Changes &

User experience audit, Design Enhancements.

Our experts weekly send you a selection of keywords and texts that will increase your google website rank.
We also provide link building, crossposting and crowd marketing.

Our PPC Gurus create advertising campaigns for you and monitor them every day.

Site speed optimization on a daily basis

In case you have worked with different vendors, our team will help you to check your system for potential code problems.

Analyze your conversion and sales.

Development of backend and front-end features. If you have an ideas block, you don’t know how to improve the site to increase sales – give this task to us. We will plan for you a list of tasks that you only need to confirm.


Hourly Rate


Prepaid Package
for 40, 80, 120 hours.


If you need 24/7 with the fast reaction we just add a fee for quick responses and bugs resolving
Fee depends on the speed of solving the problem that you need.

Simple price plans

We are no overwhelming you with dividing features and prices by packages. Our price plans have a simple strategy.
Price consists of hourly rate + fee for a quick response within 24/7. If you need standard reactions which is 24 hours in business days, then you don’t need to pay an additional cost.
You will receive a discount if make prepayments for the amount of hours: 40, 80, 120. It helps us to predict our workload and therefore we are ready to meet your wishes.
Our price plans include such service: development, monitoring, QA, etc. You just can select what do you need or can handle yourself so you can control your budget carefully.

How we work

We offer you a convenient service system for the development and technical support of your store. We provide a completely transparent management and development process for your project. You get access to a management system with a kanban board and real-time reports, where you can track estimates and time spent. Also in real-time mode, you can monitor each new line of code that we add to the GIT repository.

Management system

Kanban board with tickets and estimates, where you can set tasks and see progress.


Reporting system

In the reporting system, you can see the estimates for each task and the time is actually postponed. The process is absolutely transparent and convenient for budget planning.


Our tech stack for monitoring


Ghost Inspector




New Relic










ELK Stack

Fast Onboarding Process


Schedule meeting with a technical expert

You schedule a meeting with our technical expert. During this meeting, we collect your requirements about your project and business goals. We collect information about your infrastructure and development workflows.
It will help us understand which specialists you need in a team, and what expertise they should have


Commercial Offer

We send you commercial offer with price and description of business process, our teams and first steps that we should implement to start the onboarding process


Sign Up NDA, SLA and other commercial agreements

We sign up NDA with you to protect your data


Start onboarding, set up our stack and project management system

Here we start the onboarding process. We setup dev serve, our tech stack for monitoring your store. Creating users, doing preparation to secure


Ready for receiving tasks, monitoring your store

We support the next clients


Request website audit

Schedule call with an expert